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The Ber-Months

Music maestro! Jose Mari Chan starts singing…

Say hello and let's welcome the ber-months!

It’s the last four months of the year again and yes, most of us are just so excited that we just can’t hide it. We even made a countdown of 100 days before Christmas just to satisfy our anticipation and this year it will be starting on the 16th of September.

It’s the season to be jolly!

Here in the Philippines, the ber-months are are so special to the heart of each Filipino people because it marks the Christmas season, the time of the year when families get together to celebrate the birth of Jesus, our God’s only begotten son.

The Christmas season officially starts on the first day of September and traditionally ends on the 6th of January, Three Kings’ Day

When I was a kid, I always wonder, why is it that only these months ends in “ber”?

Upon reasearch, I found out that the name of these four months was derived from the late old English, old French (Septembre, Octobre, Novembre, Decembre) and from the following Latin word with their respective meaning:
  • Septem means "Seven"
  • Octo means "Eight"
  • Novem means "Nine"
  • Decem means "Ten"
...and now, I finally know about it. So, let's get back to the topic, shall we?

Christmas is in the air!

Although it’s four months to go and that we will also pass the Halloween as well as the All Souls Day, you can already feel Christmas in the air.

You will start noticing some of your early-bird neighborhoods are already putting up their Christmas lanterns which is also know as "Parol" in Filipino and then eventually, Christmas lights.

You will hear Christmas songs everywhere and you’ll usually hear the the famous senti-songs of Jose Mari Chan.

You might want to listen to some of his Christmas songs below.

You will also see some are already buying and stocking up goods for the holiday season, those smart people who is just trying to avoid the rush hours and the increase in price m during this peak season.

Some children are already collecting bottle-caps that they will be using to create musical instruments that they can use for their Christmas caroling.

Some are having a hard time planning out ideas for their gifts while others are just planning how to avoid their daughter or son in-laws.

Malls are being adorned with Christmas decorations while our favorite yuletide tunes are playing in the background as you go shopping or just strolling around. 

We just can't help but to be excited specially to those employees whos waiting for bonuses, we are so eager with this much awaited season of the year that as early as September, we are already preparing for it.

Wrap Up!

It is four months to go before Christmas but isn’t cool that as early as september we can already smell it in the air, the season to be jolly. 

September is the start of the ber-months and it is also my birth month and for me it’s more than special.

How about you, what are your thoughts about these months? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Ber-months everyone!

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