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Welcome to Gem's Online Articles!

The online place where you'll find my undiscovered gems (I mean, articles). Articles that might help, give you some ideas, serve you entertainment, provide you information or even put a smile on your face just to brighten up your day.

The essence of its existence
I made this blog for me to have an outlet for my hobby as a writer and also to share it to the whole wide world and specially to those people who loves learning and exploring stuffs that are surely worth reading, just like me.

What's in it for you
If you are a lover of science, technology, mysteries, movies, music, anime, drama, games, sports, events, foods, books, spirituality, creativity, finance or if you also love blogging, too. Well then, welcome aboard! I'm sure that you'll feel at home right here.

Just like those gem stones buried deep under the ground, waiting to be discovered. You will be needing to get your shovel ready for some digging into the depths of my articles to find information, thoughts and inspirations about the things we both love in common. One meaningful post at a time!

How did it all begun
I started this blog since July 2018 and this wasn't actually my first blog but for me this is my first professional blog to be serious about. I was inspired to have my very own blog way back when I was a teenager when I learned the thing about having your own website and where you can post anything you desire just like a diary but live and online! But, even before blogging started being popular, I already love writing through the help of my notebook dedicated only for my ideas, thoughts and poetry. Heck! I even wrote lyrics of songs to it and my classmates used to borrow it, always.

Since I have been a member of student publications during my school days, I am used to any forms of journalism. I even remember back when I was in grade-school, I joined newspaper cartoonist competition by using just my pencil and a bond paper. I am always one of the runner-ups in competing with other schools, not until when I came across with the best cartoonists along with their complete set of tools. Oh, I missed those days.

I also became a layout artists back in college where I used Adobe InDesign and Photoshop as tools in weaving all of the articles of our editorial board members into one neat and nice newspaper. Honestly speaking, I was never able to publicize any news article since I was always being put into the position of a graphic or layout artist because of my creative skills but good thing I still was able to have an article on the literary section where I posted my poem "The Broken".  I lost all the copies of the newspaper that we printed out but I still have my poems published at Wattpad. You may visit this link if you are interested to read it.

And so it was born
Since I never got the chance of having any full written article be publicize, I decided to start a blog. My first blog wasn't that successful since I no longer have time to update it  due to the demand that I need to look for a job until I decided to just remove it online. Now, I'm back again with a whole new blog name, the "Gem's Online Articles"!

My goal is to fill this blog with articles that really matters and that will stay in the world of internet, forever, even if I will no longer be here.

By the way, allow me to introduce myself as the man behind the keyboard.

Hi, I'm Gemart Silvano a.k.a. gmrtslvn on social media, call me Gem for short. I am a proud Filipino citizen of the Philippines. I graduated from Informatics Computer Institute (Alabang) with the Associate Degree, Computer Programming NC IV and I also took a Bachelor of Science in Criminology at the University of Muntinlupa City. I was a freelance web developer back then for more than four years and then I decided to enter the BPO industry, handling customer service and technical support for less than two year.

Here is a few tidbits about me other than being a blogger:

  • I don't have kids yet but I have a baby, my girlfriend.
  • Eldest yet not the big brother since the younger one is taller than me.
  • Frustrated world explorer with no time and money right now but soon.
  • Gamer of all trade, board games, video games, mind games, name it.
  • Fan of watching movies, anime, dramas, series, with a variety of genre.
  • Self-proclaimed food analyst, whether it's good or not, my tongue can tell it.
  • Ninja in the world of website development. Gem's Style, Web Design Technique!

...and that's all for now, folks!

Join me and this blog in my journey as a blogger to write and to share, to learn and to explore!

Thanks for the time and interest about my blog. Feel free to look around, read, react, comment and don't forget to share!

As always, thanks for reading!

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